Restaurant Chairs The restaurant chairs play a major role in the restaurant ambience. There are many different types of chairs available and you can choose according to your choice. The rattan is the comfortable chair used for the seashore restaurants; the wood backed chairs are designed with the cushion in them and are best suited for the restaurants, cafes and bistros. If you are making the budget shopping for the restaurants then you can opt for the used restaurant furniture available in good condition. The visitor chairs are best suited for the restaurants as they are highly durable and provide unique beauty for the place. If you have an outdoor dining restaurant then you can try the white net chairs which are easily foldable and comfortable for sitting. If you have a catering company then these are the best suited chairs and they exist for more number of years without damage. Donít just rely on the look of the furniture check for the construction materials the steel chairs are mostly used for the outdoor purpose as it can withstand the heavy wind. But you have to maintain the steel chairs from getting rust. The wooden chairs are popular because of its durability rather than going for the plastic and the metal chairs. Maintenance is free for the aluminum chairs but they have the disadvantage of high price and hence not affordable. The plastic chairs are inexpensive, easily portable and provides easy storage but they get crack for the extreme temperatures.